Imagine NYC offers 2 different services of data back-up for creatives:

Secure Tape Archive

A copy of client's assets is transferred to magnetic tape. Second set of tapes is recommended for off-site storage. Index of all files copied to each tape is created for archiving purposes. Simple billing, no monthly fees for maintaining backup. This solution is designed to create secure copy of footage and RAW data form cameras. Multiple copies of tapes can be created and handed to client, agency or artist for archival purposes.

Bring Your Own Drive - BYOD

BYOD is a backup service designed for individuals who store their data in a centralized location (like portable RAID enclosures) and need a reliable off-site solution, or an additional level of security. In back-up process data from disk(s) is transferred to set of 2 tapes. Once created, it can be updated systematically. As the back-up updates are incremental, additional fees apply only to the files that are new or have been modified since the time of last back-up.

Magnetic Tape Archive Bring Your Own Drive - BYOD
Data source
  • Digital camera RAWs
  • Digital footage
  • Audio samples and recordings
  • Large volume hard drives
  • Personal archives
  • Collections of digital media
Result Set of tapes containing client's data. Set of tapes containing RAID's data, available for future updates.
Scenarios Archiving and safety back-up of valuable data. Off-site backup of large volume of data.
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